Cassette to MP3 Converter

I’ve been looking for such device which can help me to convert my old gold cassettes to MP3, some of these cassettes are very rare and not available nowadays.

I found following device on amazon which amazed me, it worked so well.

I tried it on multiple cassettes and result is quite accurate. I was able to convert complete cassette to MP3 and store it in USB drive directly. However, I found some setbacks which are listed below,

  • You need to play complete cassette only then it’ll be able to process and convert it to MP3
  • It has Manual and Automatic mode for MP3 file creation for separation of songs, Automatic mode is good but not accurate, so Manual mode is the only option.
  • Provided headphones and not very good in quality. However, it’s not a major problem as 3.5mm headphone jack allowed me to use my headphones.

I truly believe that even though with this set backs I would still recommend this over other Cassette to MP3 converters as other devices were having some sort of software installation and bit manual process involved.

So, if you have lot of old cassettes and you want them to be stored in digital form you can go ahead and buy this. Also, it not only allowed me to convert them to MP3 but enjoy them at the same time which made my day!

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