How does Thread interrupt?

Thread class in Java has method interrupt() which usually stops the Thread from doing something and inform it to do something else. Generally speaking it diverts Thread to another direction. Note here for any Thread to interrupt it must support it’s own interruption, now let’s see why. Continue reading “How does Thread interrupt?”

Pass By Value or Pass By Reference

I have seen many new comers are facing problem to understand the exact flow of these two topics. Both of them has specific meanings which are came from different programming languages. Before going in to details let’s first define what is reference in Java. Continue reading “Pass By Value or Pass By Reference”

Use of transient

The word transient means ‘lasting for very short time’ and in Java it specifically mean to survive from the persistent state. As we know if any class is flagged as Serializable which means it will inform JVM that it can write Object of this Class in some external Stream or in short Object can be converted to binay representation. Continue reading “Use of transient”